Friday, July 24, 2009


So, I haven't been active in updating this blog.. how terrible of me.
I graduated June 19th, 2009 from Hallmark.. obv. Currently working on finding work. It's been a slow start; due to not actually owning a camera.
Anyhow, with all this free time on my hands I've finally been able to edit photos I've been sitting on for months.

This is Andy Bardon. He's a great guy, photographer, and model. One of a kind.
These shots were for the series I was working on. Portraits with fake mustaches; taken with the lovely 4x5 cameras.

The idea was to have the subject chose the stache that they were best suited for..
Andy chose Bad Cop... title doesn't suit him.. but, he definitely had fun with it.

I'll keep posting. You keep reading.
Goodnight to my friends.

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